Cooking for a man is a compliment not a duty says Brandy Kiki, UK based blogger

UK based Cameroonian blogger Brandy Kiki expresses her view on women cooking for men.

Her Opinion has sparked a social media tussle on a national scale as her followers do not see her opinion applicable in the African context.

Most Cameroonians are displeased and in a bid to express their dissatisfaction, they leave tons of Comments on all the social media platforms


    1. To some extend I see where she’s coming from but I think something like this should have come from a man instead. Wouldn’t have raised as many eyebrows.


  1. THIS girls nowadays will not kill us with their foolish ideas on social media.
    That’s how they brainwash our young girls that cooking is a compliment not a duty.


  2. To a certain extent I accept that cooking for a man is a compliment, but in marriage I think it’s a duty for a wife to cook food for her man, its a sign of love and a complement which should be a duty for a woman to satisfy her man.


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